1. Have you been told you can’t wear contact lenses?
  2. Perhaps you’ve heard that you have too much astigmatism and contact lenses would not work.
  3. Maybe your eyes are too dry.
  4. If you are over 40, maybe you’re having problems reading with your contact lenses.

Hello, my name is Dr. David J. Newman. I can help you wear contact lenses successfully.

If you have been having problems getting clear, comfortable vision with your current contact lenses, you may be wearing the wrong lenses. There are many brands and types of lenses available. Not all lenses will work for everyone.

If your eyes feel dry and sandy, you may be experiencing problems with your tears. A multi-layered coat of “water” that covers your eyes, tears are analyzed carefully to determine how to make your dry eyes feel more comfortable. Treatment can consist of one or several of the following: artificial tears, anti-inflammatory medication, or even plugging up the tear ducts.

I have been specializing in the field of contact lenses for over 27 years. My experience can help you, too, wear contact lenses successfully. If you have been told you can’t wear contact lenses because of too much astigmatism, or you just don’t see the way you would like, I can help you achieve your goal.


Please call me at (303)777-6633 to see if contact lenses can work for you or to make your current experience more positive.